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Twin Check Labeling
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Twin Check Labeling: Matching Analog Keepsakes to their Digital Counterparts

March 14, 2017 By

As a photo organizer, I often comes across memorabilia other than photos. Those dusty boxes that are brought up from the basement don’t just hold prints, oh no. They…

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In Beginner Photo Organizing/ Creative Photo Projects/ Genealogy & Family History/ Organizing Digital Photos/ Organizing Prints/ Photo Organizing Workflow/ Printed Photos/ Project Management/ Scanning Photos/ Scrapbooking with Photos/ Storytelling with Photos

Divide & Conquer, Part 3: Scheduling a Big Organizing Project

January 31, 2017 By

Get your calendars out, my fellow organizers, because today we’re scheduling your big organizing project. This is the final piece of the puzzle (aside from actually doing the work)!…

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Estimating Time in a Big Organizing Project