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Remote Digital Organizing

Got a Digital Mess on Your Hands? Let’s Organize!

Remote Digital Organizing anywhere in the world via TeamViewer.

If the digital revolution has left you confused and overwhelmed with what to do with all your files, look no further than yours truly to help you untangle that virtual pile!

With my Remote Digital Organizing service, we’ll digitally declutter, then rename, keyword, and organize your digital files, so you can back them up and keep them safe! We’ll implement a better organization strategy, and simplify your digital workflow to help you stay organized in the long run!

Here are a few examples what we can do:

  • Organize your digital files
  • Streamline your digital files workflow
  • Create a photo management plan
  • Create a new file naming convention
  • Implement a backup plan
  • Set up a digital calendar
  • Implement a cloud solution
  • Create a digital household binder
  • Your idea here!

Sessions are remote via TeamViewer and Skype, so you can live anywhere in the world, and as long as you have an internet connection, we’ll make it work. Prices start at $85/hour. Monthly maintenance packages available.


Ready to get started?

Email me at for more information, or schedule your session online!

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