Organizing Photos?

If you are new to photo organizing, it can be really difficult to know where to start! That’s why this page exists! Here, I put the all the must-read articles, must-watch videos, free courses and other fun resources to get you started on the right track towards organizational bliss! Enjoy!


New to Organizing Photos? Read this before you get started!

I’m a Perfect Pinnable!


Free Email Course: The Organizing Formula – Mastering the Fundamentals of Organizing!

Before you start organizing, it’s important that you understand the basics of the organizing process! To help you get a solid foundation, I have created a free email course that will explain some of the basics in just minutes a day. What I call “the organizing formula” is a proven set of step that lets your organize anything well. Organizing photos is really not than different from organizing shoes, you just have to understand the workflow! This course explains the exact step you need to take, and in what order, regardless of what you’re trying to organize.


Backup Basics

I want everyone to understand how to backup their photos (yes, even if they’re not organized!), so I’ve written a 5-part series on the topic, which will help you figure out all the moving parts. Click the links to read!

On the go? You can also download the Backup Basics blog series as a PDF right here!


Other Popular Posts

Here are a few of my other popular blog posts:


Use the Resource Library for FREE Exclusive Content!

The resource library on this website is full of exclusive content created specifically for my email subscribers. You’ll find guides and checklists to make the first few steps of organizing so much easier.

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